Florida Retired Educators Association is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit grassroots advocacy and volunteer organization with 10,000+ members.  FREA is independent, non-partisan, and does not endorse political candidates.

FREA Membership News and Forms

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The FREA Reports Calendar
FREA Officers - Below are the forms needed for reporting dues or meeting the membership goals of your unit.  Click on the name of the form to download and print.  If you would like the document in Word so that you can fill it out on your computer, contact the office.
Or if you have Questions?  Contact:  info@frea.org
Please contact the FREA office to order copies of the below materials to take with you to School Retiree Meetings
District Director Forms for Leadership Workshops
FREA District Newsletters
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Meeting Posters
Now Available

Above is the Meeting Poster created for St. Lucie CREA.  We can customize yours with your meeting dates, places, etc. and send you up to 50 for posting around your county.   

Please feel free to email the office info@frea.org with any specific requests for Meeting Posters or other personalized materials.  If possible, please give at least 3 weeks notice for when you need the materials.  Thank you.

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