Florida Retired Educators Association is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit grassroots advocacy and volunteer organization with 10,000+ members.  FREA is independent, non-partisan, and does not endorse political candidates.
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Let your Legislators know you are watching, and that you vote!
The FREA Legislative Committee met with each and every one of Florida's State Senators, or their staff, in Tallahassee on January 25-26.  Several are pictured below with Senator Bullard of Miami.
Going on the FREA 2016 Convention Cruise? 
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Contest Posters Today!
State deadline is March 31st!
     Above is a custom poster created for Broward County.  Units may request a customized poster with details particular to their dates, prizes, contact info, etc.  Click on the Poster above to see a full size picture.  To request posters contact the FREA office info@frea.org
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The FREA Districts
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 FREA E-Z Tech U
     Welcome to a new FREA website feature. Our first article outlines how an organization can set up their own Group Facebook Page. 
      Facebook is an easy and economical way for Units to have a presence in social media, and critical to attracting new members and re-engaging with current members.   Members can drop in to read the latest goings on, be informed of upcoming events, and share what they like. 

     One of the fallacies of Facebook lore is that you have no privacy.  This is untrue.  Facebook does not have the ability to share information that is not  posted to it.  The only way information gets out is if you share it.  You can set up a personal page with the bare minimum of information and yet you will have access to the Facebook information that is accessible and has been shared by others.  Facebook has many safeguards that are easy to implement.
     Want to have a Unit Page on Facebook?  Click on the image at left to read, download  and print this chapter from the  NRTA recommended - easy to use book - My Facebook for Seniors.  This book walks you through setting up an account on Facebook, privacy settings, how to post, and all the other things that sound complicated, but are easy to do.  

Why Should You Join FREA?

You gain 3 Important Benefits, that's why:

1. Help strengthen our voice in our fight to preserve the Florida Retirement System for the present & future health of Florida’s economy.

2. Save money by using our Member Benefits and Discounts

3. Join a community of retired educators and school personnel who continue to make a positive difference in the world around them.
The Sandwich GenerationAre you one of them?  These are people who have children and parents who need care.  Retirees stretched to the limit not only financially, but in free time and energy.  FREA recognizes that.  The financial support we ask of you is important and minimal: $35 a year-easily recouped by using our benefits. You also become part of an active and engaged community of retirees who have “been there”. And you remain up to date on the continuing fight to protect the FRS.  Your support comes from the strength we gain by growing our numbers.  Each member grows our strength and helps ensure the survival of FRS as benefit to the State of Florida  and her retirees.  The future of the FRS depends upon you, your family, and friends.  Please join us! 

     Members-at-Large: Units are important to FREA and a strong and healthy unit is an amazing source of support, camaraderie and fun—and if you can join one, you would be welcome. But what if you live in an area with no unit, or the unit has an inconvenient meeting time or location? Or you just do not have the energy? We understand. The generation of educators and school personnel retiring these days are doing so into a very different world than existed even 20 years ago. Becoming an FREA Member-at-Large is a great way to support FREA without taxing your already overburdened schedule and all benefits still apply!