Florida Retired Educators Association is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit grassroots advocacy and volunteer organization with 10,000+ members.  FREA is independent, non-partisan, and does not endorse political candidates.

Fall 2016 FREA Bulletin available here now.
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FREA:  Watch Us Grow!
Happy Fall Everyone!

We here at FREA hope that you are enjoying the coming cooler temperatures and changing of the season.  Yes, even in Florida:  From Tallahassee to Jacksonville, Saint Petersvburg to Cocoa Beach,  and Miami to Key West you can feel the temperatures moderating and notice the difference in the flowers and treesFall is a time of gathering energies and readying for the rebirth of Spring. 

So please join us as we work together to ready the FREA for a new season of growth. Help us continue being a strong voice for retired educators and school personnel in Tallahassee.

Roger Cuevas - FREA President 2016-2018 with his garden.

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